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The digital marketing world occupies a progressively variable state in which our ardent team thrives.

Each brand possesses a unique voice, mission and target. Our task is to embody the ethos of your business, interpret its needs and tailor our services to promote perceptible growth, engagement and most significantly, sales.

Our philosophy is cohesion: creating a nexus between brands and consumers that engages the audience with both substance and longevity. An intuitive connection that focuses on the human experience and not just algorithms.

We love our comfortable and relaxed office environment and actively push against the traditional “work-destroys-life” agency model. We work to live, not the other way around.

Just relax
and let us do the heavy lifting

Our Services:

Social Media Management

  • Comprehensive content creation and engagement across all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc.).
  • Research, Insights, Analytics, Reporting.
  • Advertising Creation (copy and design), Monitoring, Optimisation, Reporting.

Content Marketing

  • Our Editorial Team will ensure your web content reaches new heights.

Lead Generation

  • We specialise in online and data driven lead acquisition through our partner agency Bring Me Biz. Using a tailored, blended channel approach to fit product, price and performance we can drive high quality, high volume leads to any B2C business.

Influencer Marketing

  • We will find the right people to rep your brand and make it flourish.


  • We have a secret weapon in the form of exclusive automated software: Next level Google AdWords Optimisation, at a fraction of normal industry rates.

Website Development

  • Website Development.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.

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OMP Tools is software that automatically optimises Google AdWords campaigns. Using proprietary software OMP learns as it works for you 24/7 in the background. This software is less expensive than using an agency (maximum 5% of media spend) and it gets better over time bringing you more conversions at lower costs.

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Beautiful content, without the hassle! 
Reach Digital is the exclusive partner of Publicate in South Africa, a publishing platform for curated content. It helps you collect content and beautifully present it in a higly shareable format, with very little effort. 

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Meet The Team


Jaclyn Becker

Senior Account Manager

For Jaclyn, accepting challenges is the rule rather than the exception. As her role progresses within the team, her attention to detail and delivery of the final product to a client has become more refined. Her love of travel and adventure is trumped only by her passion for food, both in its discovery and consumption.


Shannon Els

Head of Design

Shannon is the brain behind the Reach design aesthetic. As an avid Psy-Trance fan you would expect a psychedelic influence in his work. If anything it inspires the vibrant colours in his modern, edgy and clean cut designs. Taking inspiration from his environment rather than a muse, his creative process is organic and authentic.


Ismet Kahn


She’s a fun loving graphic designer that never backs down from any image, and goes full JPEG to deliver. She loves being in the kitchen, And delivers her office family their favorite snack “Samosas” She’s the CMYK of the team

Team Member

Lars Henning

Strategy and Partnerships

Bridging the gap between Europe and Africa, Lars is the man with international perspective and local interest. His invaluable experience and engaging personality is a combination well accessorised by his collection of sneakers and caps. His active involvement in the music scene and love of South African culture has formed a well-balanced lifestyle of business and fun.


Chris Du Preez

Digital Media Specialist

Chris, Our digital media specialist was born in Pretoria, but raised in the UK. A fully certified scuba diving instructor, Chris spent most of his working life in direct sales. At Reach, Chris is now able to deliver his traditional sales experience to a larger audience, and loves nothing more than putting cash in our clients’ pockets.


Will Smyly

Managing Director

The attributes of a leader directly influence the attitude and performance of a team and Will is the benevolent chair at the head of a confident, positive and formidable table. From surfboard to boardroom the smiling giant of Reach unwaveringly leads his team in the online mission to better your brand.

Team Member

Kimberly Fahrenfort

Account Executive

The newest member of the team, Kimberly, is an account executive who strives for excellence. She excels in the happy and open office environment where no challenge is left unconquered and each day is an opportunity to learn. Fashion and food take tops marks in her personal time, both sensory endeavours that undoubtedly reflect in her approach to her work.


Shani van Straaten

Office Manager

No office is complete without an “Office Mom” and Shani fills the role perfectly. When she's not planning parties or taking care of the domestic needs and emotional well-being of the team; you can find her crafting macrame, watching doccies, walking her dog on the beach and cooking delicious meals for her clan. If you’re starting to think she sounds unemployed… think again! Shani is also a national project manager in Corporate Social Development for a big bank. She trades her duties at Reach for desk space in an epic environment and the free WIFI.



Mascot/Office Zog

The flirty tailed beauty, who always arrives just in time to disrupt meetings, has a heart as beautiful as her face. Her intuitive nature ensures that she'll show up for a cuddle just when you need it the most.

Team Member

Alexandra Smith

Junior Account Executive

Exuberant and punny, Alexa has added a dose of energy to our team. While she masks as a stylish film-lover, her other interests make us think twice. But out of respect we won't divulge her unrivalled love of Celine Dion and afternoon naps. Her snack sharing ways are both a blessing and a curse but we're happy to see her keeping the local corner store in business.


Guy Everitt

Managing Partner

Guy brings a fantastic element of structure and experience to the Reach team. Having spent 5 years working in corporate, Guy (along with Will) launched Bring Me Biz, a specialist lead generation agency that provides its services to a host of blue chip clients. Guy's drive and strategic input is vital for the growth and development of both businesses, which operate under the same roof.



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